come in,
join us!

If you are interested in our mentoring project, you can join us by participating in the following ways:
  • You can share with us your materials*, readings, videos, group exercises, songs, games, poetry and more that have inspired you and we will publish them on our free resources page.

  • You can tell us about your mentoring project and how you would like to collaborate with us.

  • You can support us by telling others about our project and activities within This Earth Mentoring

  • You can join our program of short courses to keep your skills up to date.



*Please note that materials shared with us on our website will need to be copyright free; so either they are already in the public domain, they have been created by you and you give your permission for them to be used and shared on our website, or you have the permission of the owner of the material to share these with us.


If you know of materials that are owned by third parties that you think may be good to include on the mentoring website, but do not have permission to use them, please tell us about them anyway!  

The cowrie shells in our logo 
represent the circles of women that have sat together from time immemorial, holding the world alive through their communal intention of well being and good will for all things alive.


From the beginning of time, these Cowrie Circles of women, taught our young ones how to sit together how to hold circle, how to maintain the old wisdom and dream the world alive for future generations!

We grow in all directions and all directions are honoured as they were by our ancestors and will be by our great grandchildren - the six directions (north, south, east, west, above and below) and the four elements of life (fire, air, water and earth).

The cowrie shell is a female symbol. It’s meaning has been varied through different cultures throughout time. It is one of the oldest known forms of currency used around the globe.

In African cultures the cowrie shell is a sign of fertility. In Japan women would hold cowrie shells while giving birth for a successful and less stressful delivery.

We need to find ways of coming together and collaborate with each other. Combining our efforts is now more necessary than ever.


Each circle of women across the UK and Europe may have their own unique flavour but what we are guarding goes way beyond our small collective efforts but the difference we can make will ripple out for the benefit of the coming generations

- Paloma SUAREZ