Budding creativity can take so many forms, if a young woman’s creativity is not witnessed and acknowledged there is a real danger that she can miss it altogether. This Earth Mentors can provide the attention and presence needed to witness a young woman’s budding creativity and reflect back the beauty of its growing in the hope that something
might flower.  
"Let the fingers guide us to the land of our ancestors our learning of the crafts of the land will give us an insight into the ways and cycles of nature and the participation of mankind into the universe.
Welcome dreaming, welcome making, welcome singing, welcome dancing, welcome swimming into the lakes of our infinite connection with time on earth."

Want Your Children to Survive The Future? Send Them to Art School

An article by Dustin Timbrook discussing the importance of giving children the space to explore thier creativity.


The power of the voice, TED talk

A talk by Emma Bonnici discussing the importance of the voice and singing as a key to know ourselves better.


Coincidence (And Likely Stories)

Buffy Sainte-Marie's album.


Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times

Neil Astley's compilation of various poets an international anthology of 500 life-affirming poems fired by belief in the human and the spiritual at a time when much in the world can feel unreal and inhuman. 


Red Moon

Miranda Gray introduces modern women to their unique cyclic nature and guides them in accepting and expressing a passionate and creative cycle-empowered life.


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