Our body is of the matter of the stars and the trees and the waters of the EARTH. Understanding our body, getting to be friends with our body, knowing how to care for “her” (our body) how to read “her” how to give “her “ what she needs to keep alive and living healthily and happily is part of our duty of love while
we are alive.

Our body is a woman’s connection between the seasons of the year, the growing of plants, the cycles of the moon, the energy of the sun. Our aim is to include and travel beyond the intellectual and biological understanding of our body to walk the path of companionship with our body in a journey of discovery, understanding, care and celebration. Our body holds the information from our ancestors, our mothers line and the story of our tribe. Accessing that information and reading it as if it were a map is a part of the journey to belonging.

Twin Track - Teenage drama about grooming for gang culture and radicalisation

Twin Track is a teen drama about grooming for radicalisation and gang culture by the young people of the charity Integrate Bristol. Shot on location in Bristol, the story follows two teenagers as they are lured into dangerous parallel worlds. 


Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic

Suheir Hammad performing her spoken word poem: Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic.


Say Yes

Andrea Gibson recites her powerful poem about class, gender, sexuality, love, and spirituality.


'My tummy is bigger than yours': how private schools are battling body issues

An article by Matthew Jenkin exploring how independent schools support students who suffer from a pressure to be perfect.


'Selfie' body image warning issued

An article by Helen Briggs exploring the notion that the more women are exposed to "selfies" and other photos on social media, the more they compare themselves negatively to others.


Social Media Effects on Young Women’s Body Image Concerns: Theoretical Perspectives and an Agenda for Research

An article by Richard M. Perloff examining the effects that social media has on young women's body image concerns.

Scholarly Article

You Look disgusting / Without Makeup / Cyber Shaming

A video by blogger Em Ford about her experience of posting images of herself without makeup on social media. The film contains real comments that were left on the images she posted of herself.


Does social media impact on body image?

An article by Philippa Roxby examining the role social media plays in moulding attitudes about the way we look.


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