No matter where we are from we are all living at this time on the land of the UK, we would love to create a programme that tells us the story of this land and opens the gates to a profound understanding of the ways of the peoples of this land and our connection with this heritage. Crafts and the understanding of so many of the Magical traditions of the land are a gift and a doorway to something deeper.

Discovering a sense of cultural heritage can be like building a bridge to belonging from the past. Some young women or girls may be lucky enough to grow up in an environment where a sense of cultural heritage is part of the rich tapestry of life. However many of us need to go out and find out more about the tribes, communities and cultures that we feel a kinship with. Cultural heritage is not in any way limited to ideas of ethnicity or nation. As citizens of the world and women of this earth we encourage our mentees to respectfully seek out the wisdom and strength they need from any culture that moves them deeply. Seeking to find the treasures in our entire cultural heritage can help build the fundamental bridge back to belonging to the land where we live.

Watch What Happens When Tribal Women Manage India’s Forests

An article by Manipadma Jena discussing the impact of women looking after the land


Onna-bugeisha- Rare photos show the Japanese female warriors

A photo article about the Onna-bugeisha who were a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. 


Moon Moon Mother Daughter

Janet Lucy's practical and concrete guide to coming of age rituals rooted in ancient traditions and timeless wisdom using a goddess myth as its basis in each chapter. 


Gifts from the Elders

Gail Burkett's book renews womanhood's legacy by opening women's circles to support girls growing into womanhood.


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