Our attention is in finding ways of developing that spiritual connection to all things that are beyond religion and not regulated by a given formula. Being part of each other’s Great Journey of Awakening is not just a privilege but also an inevitable consequence of embarking in life fully!
“Our ultimate destiny is collective and it is part of the ultimate destiny of Planet Earth”
 Leo Rutherford

We will look for ways to rediscover the British Shamanic path as part of our journey to land based spirituality.

Menarche: A Journey into Womanhood

A mum's and girl's guide to celebrating her first period by Rachel Hertogs


Emergence of the Sensual Woman

Saida Desilets's book is an invitation to embody what it means to be an erotically alive and compassionate woman.


Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine

Based on a lifetime of deep study and first-hand experiences worldwide, Katalin Koda offers women an innovative way to embody the sacred feminine. 


The Fifth Sacred Thing

A book by Starhawk depicting a complex fictional reality about love and war, freedom and slavery, and the future of the living planet.


The Invitation

A poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer calling for a deeper connection to ourselves and the earth.


Medicine Woman

A book by Lynn Andrews marking her Castaneda-like spiritual journey into the wilderness of Manitoba, where she meets Agnes Whistling Elk, the Native American shaman, who changes her life.


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