This Earth Mentoring aims to bring wellbeing to our communities by weaving our diverse skills into the tapestry of life.  We will do this by helping women to hold Girls' Circles for the healthy growing of life on
This Earth.

Our evolving programme is designed to support women in the development of their mentoring skills; empowering individuals with the tools and confidence to share their gifts through the holding of Girls' Circles and creating new, authentic communication systems that help connect younger generations with themselves and their environment.

We are designing a unique new mentoring programme.
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How is This Earth Mentoring’s approach different to that of other mentoring programmes?


This Earth Mentoring has the understanding that simply witnessing the growing of young women and girls is not only a way of empowering them but can nourish and give energy to their growth.


The light of our attention pours nourishment on their growth, giving them strength and power to transform into whatever they want
to be.

Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth “you owe me”

Look what can happen with a love like that, it lights the whole sky... 


- Hafiz

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This Earth Mentoring was created through the work or a social enterprise called This Earth who aim to provide a space for women to bring and develop the great richness of their personal experience and skills and to put those to the service of life and the
growing of others.

As part of This Earth’s work a yearly festival for women is run in the UK called This Earth Gathering.

We aim to do things a bit differently, finding a way to develop our relationships with ourselves, others and the land. Find the words, the songs, the dances to feed our soul and share the journey with others for the benefit of all our relations through our work as mentors for other younger women.


This year we received Big Lottery funding to create a training programme and run a pilot mentoring programme. We have nine women over the space of three residential weekends and some day workshops. We planted the seeds and the richness and depth of our time together will grow beyond our own expectations in ways of love and clarity.

We have to balance both our masculine and our feminine energies and use them in our intimate relationships with the world, our inner and our outer world.
We need our weavers, storytellers, poets, dancers, cooks, warriors, heroines, medicine women and amazons, to bring the girls to the best that they can be and blossom!
- Paloma SUAREZ

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Sian Ephgrave

I was a secondary school teacher for ten years and am currently studying for a PhD in education. The focus of my research is teacher wellbeing in the context of sustainability. I am passionate about working for social justice because I believe it is fundamental to inner and outer peace and harmony on this planet. I have learned and continue to learn so much from Paloma and her work with growing women of all ages. The mentoring skills I have learned have deeply enhanced my work with young people.