Helping women to hold Girls' Circles for the healthy growing of life on This Earth.

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This Earth Mentoring aims to bring wellbeing to our communities by weaving our diverse skills into the tapestry of life.  We will do this by helping women to hold Girls' Circles for the healthy growing of life on This Earth. We will achieve our mission by delivering, creating and cultivating the below skills and resources…

Creating Support Systems


To create a support system based on collaboration and to develop a training program for women to hold women and girls circles with clear boundaries and ethics.

Bringing and Growing Skillsets


As grown women we have a wealth of experience and a rich story. We will be learning skills to share and inspire the girls to find their intuition, their self respect, their connection to the earth and their unique creative gifts.

Providing Accessible Resources


To offer a wide range of free resources, drawing from readings, videos, images and other interactive, engaging content from across the globe.

Creating Role Models

To prepare women by supporting their personal wellbeing and development, to become effective role models for younger women.

Facilitating Networks

So that women can have consultation systems and access to a network of women that can support and nourish each other.


Facilitating Collaboration

Bringing together women already working in mentoring and other groups supporting girls development all over the world.

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